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April 16 2012 - BY MELISSA

Caroline: WK Paris

I've passed by WK a million times, but never took the time to check it out - and time, too me, is quite essential when I go vintage shopping. I spent an hour going through the whole selection of beautiful designer vintage clothes including old as well as new legendary items from brands like Chanel, Hermes, Yves Saint Laurent and so forth. I found this gorgeous Balenciaga jacket. WK is indeed worth a go when in town!

x Caroline

Photo 1 & 2: from Chicandgeek


April 8th
ORHHHHH savner jer smukke mennesker. Xxxx

April 7 2012 - BY MELISSA

Caroline: spring in Paris

The weather was c-r-a-z-y summerish last week. And when the sun comes out, Canal St. Martin is an eminent chill out spot. We had our share of wine and cigarettes there last week, embracing the fully bloomed springtime in the midst of the dust, dirt and graffiti, which is part of the neighbourhood charm.

Today my dear dear dear, super adorable and always smashing-looking Malkiel – who you may already have become acquainted with on the blog – arrived here in Paris. We strolled around town trying to find a pair of Air Max 97’s that I am dying to have on my feet – no luck. BUT we did pass by Palais Royal (photo) which can make everybody forget whatever unsatisfied material need they have. The atmosphere is pure beauty and tranquility.

X Caroline


July 26th
Den skitse med de tre mænd - er det muligt at få navnet på kunstneren bag?

March 20 2012 - BY MELISSA

Caroline: Mona Lisait & Wall

MONA LISAIT is a kind of book "outlet". We bought Fabien Baron’s Liquid Light, Buffalo & and a vintage edition of French photography magazine ZOOM. Rue Pavée - Marais.

Our wall. Just images. I love images. Favourite photo of the (almost) nude girls in the middle by the eminent Guy Bourdin for Vogue Paris (a couple of decades ago).

x Caroline


March 19th
Do u have any info for the Nike shoes? (model name?) SO CUTE!

March 19th
I beleive they are Nike 180's - but they were featered in the ID section, which means they are part of the customization collection, and as such, they were just a show piece. You should be able to "design" them online :-)

March 20th
ヽ(●´ε`●)ノ Thanks!

March 17th
flere paris-guider! Det er så godt med nogen insider-tips! //Benedicte -

March 17 2012 - BY MELISSA

Caroline: out and about in Paris

The cutest NIKE store in the world, located in an old library. I am a fan of the white Nike sneakers. Rue des Hospitalières Saint-Gervais.

A MONTANA party during fashion week with great people including whats-not-to-love Laust from Wood Wood and his friend Oko.

LOUVRE by night. Amazing. Open until 10pm every Wednesday - a much better time of day and way to experience it.

My all time favorite book store in Paris – COMPTOIR D L’IMAGE - a true treasure box of unique/collectors item books and magazines. Rue de Sevigné - right next to L'Eclaireur.

Cocktail event at MONTAIGNE MARKET during Fashion Week. The launch of Paris-based fine jewellery brand Stones new collection.

x Caroline


March 10th
love it!

March 11th

March 10 2012 - BY MELISSA

Caroline: Paris Fashion Week, Part 2

An electric breeze of excitement, show schedule stress, fun, serious letting-lose-and-partying-like-it-was-your-last-day-alive spirit has been hanging in the air the past week – but today you could finally feel it evaporating into the atmosphere (however, only to return again in a few months). Here’s a small recap on what we’ve been up to while entangled in the ecstatic fashion week mist:

Gareth Pugh Show at Marché de Turenne.
Garteh Pugh Pary at ChaCha where (apart from Pugh himself) our friend Zohaer did a DJ-gig.
Carven After Party – and birthday party – at Pavillon Vendome.
Damir Doma show at Les Beaux-Arts

x Caroline


March 8th
Great pictures and lovely styles! Please take a look at my blog and tell me what you think. I'd be honored! xx :)

March 8 2012 - BY MELISSA

Caroline: Dior show / street style

I took these photos outside the Dior show.

x Caroline

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