November 5 2013 - BY MELISSA


Its quickly becoming cold and I'm looking for a cool winter beanie, which got me thinking - what about a beret? Ive always thought of them as something that automatically came with a cool Parisian but maybe its time that I tried the look...


November 27th
Jeez de er pæne - særligt Zara-shopperen! øj!

November 27th
Now this is a piece every woman should have hanging in her closet! Nice picks as well!

November 28th
Jeg synes virkelig, at den første til venstre er vildt smuk i dens enkelthed (:

November 29th
I like your way of writing really loving this website .

May 24th
fashion and elegant!love these women who carry bags like these!nice pics.

November 27 2012 - BY MELISSA

The Black Shopper

I always take my computer everywhere - that's why I'm looking for a new shopper, where there is room for all the essentials.
Shoppers from: Zara, Boticca, Zara, The Row and Maison Martin Margiela.


November 5th
I love to tuck my hair in turtlenecks!

November 5 2012 - BY MELISSA

Turtleneck + Jacket

I love a good turtleneck! I'm always on the lookout for one to put under a structured jacket - AND they keep you warm during winter.


March 6 2012 - BY MELISSA

Sporty tuxedo pants

You've probably seen these babies around. The sporty tuxedo pant is super versatile, and the great thing about the tuxedo pant is the numerous ways you can combine it with the rest of your wardrobe. You can tone it down with some cool sneaks and a bomber jacket or put on some great heels on a night out. Plus if you have some old one-colored tuxedo pants packed away in your closet - put a stripe on them (as shown in photo#4, source: becauseimaddicted)!


February 6 2012 - BY MELISSA

Vogue China, February 2012

This Couture Denim editorial is spot on. I really think we'll be seeing a lot of denim this spring - but not the usual "Levis blue denim", no we'll be seeing black denim, gray denim, white denim, off-white denim etc. I really like the way the white denim is layered in photo #1 (I need to find a white denim jacket)!


January 3rd
Den offwhite var så fin!

January 2 2012 - BY MELISSA

Bomber jacket

I'm a big fan of the bomber jacket. They're a great alternative to the cardigan and are perfect for spring. These are from Topshop.

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