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September 7 2014 - BY MELISSA

Road-trip in the USA

I’m currently on vacation in the US – driving though Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and Georgia. Stay tuned on Instagram for more updates!



August 19th
Uh, hvor fin!!!Hhvad hedder modellen?

August 27th
Were's the jacket from? :) Like your blog! You're great

August 19 2014 - BY MELISSA

New in: Cykelbanditten bike

I love my new bike from Cykelbanditten!


August 15 2014 - BY MELISSA

Philips/You Ned To Hear This: In The Head of Gold Lip

Great video from up and coming danish band; Gold Lip - they have a unique way of combining visual and audio.


August 18th
Du har sådan et flot smil. Sådan nogle fine tænder!

August 18th
P.S. Dit smil rocker så meget i forhold til det der anstrengende smil-uden-tænder-look!

August 11 2014 - BY MELISSA

CPHFW: snapshots

Copenhagen Fashion week is over and I could sleep for days. Here are some shots from my week - for more check out Cover.dk.


July 31 2014 - BY MELISSA

Trailerpark 2014

Tonight it kicks off - this years Trailerpark! I’m so excited to see the insane venue (completely transformed), drink loads of drinks and listen to some good music! See you there?


July 30 2014 - BY MELISSA

BISOU x MAANII launch event

This Saturday we are launching a very exciting project. We are launching the BISOU x MAANII bag collection. Hope to see you there!


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